Port Of Tyne

‘The Port’, as we know it at Blumilk, has been European Port of the Year two years running largely as a result of our repositioning of the brand and the turnover increase that resulted. It was also UK port of the year 2014.

It had been a sleeping giant. Now it’s a dynamic, forward thinking transport and logistics hub making a major contribution to the economic development of northern England; estimated at £507m and supporting 10,500 jobs. The Port has a number of claims to fame. For example, it’s the UK’s biggest exporter of cars and also handles a third of all the raw tea imported into the UK.

UK Port of the Year 2014

We have been involved with a range of projects, including the rebranding and repositioning of the company; a major one-year commission that produced a new brand identity. We played a key part in the roll out of the rebrand across each of the company’s business areas.

Included in this rebranding was a major high impact visual overhaul of the Port’s expanding International Passenger Terminal; the new look and feel created a warmer and more welcoming experience for tourist and visitors. It also had an unexpected spin off effect. It encouraged a neighbouring business, also part of the Terminal complex, to upgrade their building.

Forward thinking logistics hub, making a major contribution to national economy

As the Port’s creative design associate we have taken the lead on a range of products. Including sales brochures, adverts, annual reports, signage, Current – the company’s quarterly magazine – exhibition stands, showreels, health and safety campaigns and work wear styling. A security review has involved us in playing a key creative part in the roll out of initiatives taken.

Website: www.portoftyne.co.uk/home/

May 18, 2015