Monitor is the UK government’s regulator for health services in England provided by National Health Service (NHS) England. Based in London, Monitor’s job is to make the health sector in England work better for patients.


A major responsibility is to ensure the services are well managed and provide a quality of care that can be sustained from a business point of view. Similarly important responsibilities relate to crisis management, if a service provider such as a major NHS hospital trust, gets into serious difficulties, and to ensuring that service are provided and managed in the best interests of patients.

Monitor commissioned Blumilk in 2009 to transform its brand identity and has worked with the regulator since then. This resulted in the rebranding of the regulator and the roll out of the new identity across templates, patient information sheets, powerpoint presentations and exhibition materials such as banner stands and pop ups.

Website: www.gov.uk/government/organisations/monitor/

April 7, 2015