We are the creative partner of two divisions of Akzo Nobel, the Dutch multinational employing 50,000 employees in the fields of decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals.

One of a range of projects we have completed for the company was a campaign to tackle Health and Safety issues faced around the world. Global accident rates were reduced by 40% in just two years as a result. Our challenge was to tackle accidents caused by issues such as slips and trips, safe handling of equipment, use of equipment… A consistent message for each of the target areas had to be delivered in 19 languages.


We adopted a visually strong brand image for the two-year campaign, which delivered a series of simple, short, high impact messages. We gave birth to a character affectionately known as ‘Akzodent’ that was the focal point of the campaign.


We tested the characterisation around the Akzo Nobel world, pre launch. The feedback was interesting – Chinese workers thought Akzodent was too tall. The Middle East said he/she was too provocative. USA said – too slim. As creative partner to the Company, we’ve also been involved in a wide range of external and internal communication projects – brochures, reports, magazine design, computer software design and advertising campaigns.

Website: www.akzonobel.com/

April 10, 2015